349 Pleasant Landing Road Bumpass, VA 23024

Artisans Sign Up

Artisans Sign Up

Dear Artisan,

Pleasants Landing is a breathtaking 12 acre park located at Lake Anna. It is a truly unique recreational facility where 5 of our 12 acres jut out into the Lake featuring gorgeous panoramic views and westerly views of the Shenandoah Mountains. At Pleasants Landing we not only have our own stage, we also have our own beach and marina.

Pleasants Landing is a family friendly park, located in Bumpass, VA. This fall, starting September 22, 2019 and every fourth Sunday of each month (April – November) from noon to 5:00 pm, we will be hosting the Pleasants Landing “4th Sunday Arts Festival” series and we invite you to participate. This is a great opportunity to showcase the fine quality of your work, and to connect with all generations in a fun, culturally rich environment.

To confirm your participation, please use the form below to apply.  Once we receive your registration we will send confirmation and payment instructions.  Payment must be received by the 8th of the month in which you plan to participate.  The cost of booth space rental is $35 per booth per event.  Please be sure to identify which months you are registering for and the number of booths that you need in the description field.

Booth locations will be emailed about a week prior to each event.  We look forward to your participation and a successful festival!

Carol DeZorzi (carol@pleasantslanding.com)