349 Pleasant Landing Road Bumpass, VA 23024

Boat Launch

Boat Launch at Pleasants Landing at Lake Anna

Boat Launch – $10  (Bring two $5 bills)

We have two double wide concrete boat ramps in excellent condition.

Our boat launch is available to the public 24/7. Our system is self automated. You simply pull up to the gate. Insert a $5 bill, or five singles.

Be careful, the machine does not give change.Once your money is accepted the arm will automatically rise. You can now head over to the launch ramp and unload your boat.

Trailer Parking

As you exit the launch area to park your trailer in the parking lot, you will exit thru the gate that is closest to the building. This gate will automatically open once you approach the gate.

You are required to pay an additional $5 when you want to re-enter the launch ramp area to remove your boat from the lake. We advise that you bring two $5 bills.

Please call 540-872-4181 or email boatrentals@pleasantslanding.com if you have any questions.