We would like to share a little of the history that has been bestowed upon us by Frank Pleasants.

Frank Pleasants was born in 1915 in a two-story house that his father built, at what is known today as 349 Pleasant Landing Rd.

Frank’s father passed away in 1929. It was at that time that Frank quit school in order to help his mother with the 80-plus-acre family farm.

When the county bought part of the Pleasants Farm in order to create Lake Anna, Frank Pleasants saw the opportunity to build a recreational area (as the water now bordered his back yard). Frank named the park “Pleasants Landing”.

Mr. Pleasants built boat ramps and picnic shelters and a dock.  He created a recreational area where people could swim, picnic and boat. Pleasants Landing quickly became a favored gathering spot of the community.

Frank was an avid fisherman himself and would be in constant interaction with his customers who he knew by name. He lived on the property for 90 years. He loved his home and the people that lived around it and Mr. Pleasants has a deep and rich history of service to the community.

Frank Pleasants was a 75 year member of Rouzie’s Chapel, 50 Year member of Beaverdam Ruritan Club, 60 Year member of the Odd Fellows, honorary member of the Lake Anna Rescue Squad, and one of the original charter members of the Bumpass Fire Department.

There is also a tribute to his memory that can be found at this link: http://www.beaverdamruritan.com/pleasants.htm

Written By: Teresa Hall